Elegant Wedding Favors Ideas for Your Amazing Wedding

June 28th, 2015

Do you have a wedding right around the corner? Congratulations and be sure to consider relying on elegant wedding favors! With these favors, you can guarantee that your guests will feel amazing and special, when they go home at the end of the night. These favors are a little more amazing than others! Heck, they’re elegant after all! With this in mind, you will want to make sure that you choose the right favors for your wedding. Below, you will find some of the most outstanding and elegant favors that will work awesomely for your future wedding.

Floating Unity Candles

If you want to completely blow the minds of your guests, you will want to supply them with the most elegant wedding favors imaginable! Truthfully, nothing is more spectacular than candles! Everyone absolutely adores candles and many people probably use them on a daily basis. With this in mind, you can kill two birds with a single item. First, your items will impress your guests. Second, you can ensure that they’ll use them!
Of course, you don’t want to give your guests any old candles. Instead, you will want to provide them with adorable, elegant floating unity candles. You can put these together yourself, if you do not want to spend excessively. First, you’ll need to get some semi-tall vases. Eight to ten inches should be sufficient. You can also use personalized vases. This will allow you to add your name and that of your significant other to the glass! You can also add the date of the wedding. This is recommended, since it will make the favor much more personal.
After this, you can easily add water to the vase, before you drop the candle in at the top! Your guests will absolutely love these charming favors. Just make sure you carry them with caution! You definitely don’t want to break them, before the wedding!

Acrylic Swam Mini Muffin Holder

If you are having an early morning wedding, you will want to provide your guests with a breakfast treat. You can incorporate the mini muffin into your wedding favors, by purchasing the acrylic swam pastry holder.
The swan’s head, neck, upper body, and wings are constructed out of silver acrylic materials, while her lower body is constructed out of transparent plastic. These will definitely make a great addition to your reception tables, plus your guests will have easy and delightful access to their mini muffin.
If you are having an evening wedding, you can utilize the acrylic swan favor box, as a candy holder. This beautiful favor box will definitely please everyone and it can be utilized over and over again, because your guests will have the option of using it as a candy dish.

Mini Champagne Bottles

If you are in search of an elegant wedding favor, be sure to add mini champagne bottles to your prospect list. Remember that you will be toasting your wedding ceremony, so why not do it with this wonderful mini champagne bottle favor. A great way to display the champagne bottle favors, if you are going to be utilizing them for the wedding toast is to place them in bowls of ice. This way the champagne will be cold, so everyone will have the option of popping the top and enjoying.
Be sure to provide your guests with a champagne glass and bottle opener, so they can enjoy their bubbly, without delay.

Olive Oil

Olive oil will work as a favor for any wedding, but they work especially well for Italian. Choosing a wedding favor might be considered a difficult task for many people, since there are so many items and products that you can easily choose from. If you find yourself in this type of dilemma, then go with the olive oil. Don’t forget that you can personalize the bottle with a cute little label. You even have the option of packaging the olive oil inside a beautifully crafted bag.

Elegant Origami Cottie Catchers

When it comes to choosing a wedding favor, you have an endless amount of options to choose from. If you want your wedding favors to be truly elegant, then you should consider going with the elegant origami cottie catcher. You can write questions on each tab and place the answers to the questions underneath them. Some questions you might want to include:
• Where did the couple meet
• What are the couple’s nickname
• What is the couple’s favorite colors
• What are the couples parent’s name
These little fun gifts will have the guests laughing and chatting for hours. Don’t forget that you can customize the font, the paper, and the ink, as well.

Heart Shaped Organic Birdseed

If you plan on hosting a garden wedding, then you will not find a more elegant wedding favor than the heart shaped organic birdseed. Organic bird seed is molded into the form of a heart and has a piece of twine that comes out of the top of it, so you can hang the favors in a tree or gazebo. After your guests toss the birdseed at your wedding, they can meet a new backyard feathered friend, by placing these elegant items, in their favorite tree. Always remember that you can personalize these items with a little tag that displays a well thought out message. This can provide you with an elegant, but eco-friendly favor that will be sure to please everyone.


Nothing captures memories better than photos. Well, those photos need a place to live. Why not store them inside of a scrapbook? A scrapbook makes a truly elegant wedding favor that your guest will utilize for years to come. You can go ahead and stick a few photos inside the scrapbook, just as a little something extra special. Don’t forget that you can personalize the front of the scrapbook with sweet little nothings. Be sure to stick any pictures into the book that will help your guests remember your wedding!


There is very little doubt that your guests will love elegant wedding favors. Of course, there are many of these to choose from! With this in mind, you will need to look at the list above first and foremost. After you’ve finished this, you will want to explore the preferences of your guests! With their likes, you will easily be able to find a favor that works exceptionally well for these individuals!