DIY Wedding Centerpieces for Entire Control

June 28th, 2015

During the planning of your wedding, there will be innumerable things to take into account. If you want to maintain entire control over every little aspect, you will want to consider using DIY wedding centerpieces. Is doing it yourself actually appropriate for you and your specific situation? Are you sure that you can pull it off in the amount of time given? Truthfully, there are several questions that you must answer, before you commit to this type of project. Below, you will be able to discover everything you need to know, before you move forward.

Can You Pull it Off?

Before you attempt to get started, it is vital to take the time to consider, whether or not a DIY project is going to be acceptable for your current situation. Remember that doing everything on your own can be very complicated and time consuming. Some individuals will be able to handle the task better than others. Still, completing a do it yourself product can be a lot of fun and will provide you with better control.

How many centerpieces do you need? Remember that it is entirely possible to use more than one, even if you only have a single table. At the same time, you should consider your own personality and limitations. Are you filled with creativity and patience? Both are going to be required to pull it off successfully. At the end of the day, you should realistic with your self and don’t try and pull it off, unless you’re fully capable of getting it done!

Get Everyone Involved

Of course, there is one major benefit of taking on DIY wedding centerpieces that has very little to do with the centerpieces. Remember that taking on this type of project doesn’t mean that you have to do it by yourself. Instead, you can get some of your loved ones involved. Wouldn’t it be totally awesome to work alongside your parents and your significant other’s parents, while building your centerpieces? Heck, working alongside your significant other is also an excellent option and will give you an opportunity to bond.

Although doing it on your own can be difficult, you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out for assistance. It will turn a potentially difficult situation into one that is completely fun, exciting and cooperative.

Empty Cologne Bottles

There are a few different characteristics that can be associated with cologne. First and foremost, these substances smell excellent! On the other hand, they tend to be contained within very beautiful bottles. Some of the best and more decorative bottles are actually used to hold cologne and perfumes. With this in mind, you should consider holding onto those old bottles, once they have been used up. With these bottles, you will be able to put together some extremely beautiful centerpieces.

By collecting these, you will have a small assortment of different bottles, which are different styles, shapes and colors. At the same time, they’ll likely be many different sizes! By putting some flowers into the containers, you will be able to position them carefully about the table. With a little bit of effort and planning, this will look beautiful for your centerpiece.

Create a Sucker Stand

Everyone loves a good sucker or lollipop every one in a while. With this in mind, you should certainly consider indulging your guests with a nice sucker stand, as your centerpiece. There are many DIY wedding centerpieces, but none are as sweet and tasty as the sucker stand! In fact, this one isn’t overly difficult to put together. All you need is a few bags of suckers and some Styrofoam.

If you want to make it a little more attractive, you can find a nice box or bowl, which will hold the finished product. Once you’ve gotten everything you need, you can simply force the sucker’s stick down into the Styrofoam. If it isn’t going down, you might need to make some holes beforehand. This can be done with a pencil or pen. If you haven’t been able to find a beautiful box, you can paint the exterior sides of the Styrofoam and make it a little more attractive.

Champagne Bottles

Believe it or not, champagne or wine bottles will make the most unique and romantic centerpieces. You can decorate the bottles, by painting them with oil based paint or covering them with glitter. However, you choose to decorate your bottles, you will definitely be pleased with your DIY wedding centerpieces on a budget.

If you choose to paint the bottles, you should use a wooden stick to hold them, so that you can paint the entire bottle, without leaving any unpainted areas. Use gold, white, or silver paint, because they will fit into your wedding color palette. Once the painted champagne bottles are dry, you can fill them with flowers and tie a beautiful metallic ribbon around the neck, and place them on your reception tables.

If you select to use glitter, you will simply spray adhesive all over the entire bottle and dip it into the glitter. If empty spots are visible, you can simply fill the spaces will clear paste and dab the glitter on top of it. Continue this until the entire bottle is filled with glitter. You can also utilize several different colors of glitter. Top your creations off with a ribbon or flower.

If you are having a 1920’s or 1940’s era themed wedding, you can paint the bottles black and place a black tapered candle into them, this will definitely bring the mystical mood that you are hoping to achieve.

Fishbowl Centerpiece

The fishbowl is an inexpensive décor that can be enveloped into any wedding centerpiece. You can actually create one centerpiece for around $10 each or less, if you are creative. All you need is 3 fishbowls of varying sizes, so you can achieve a more unique look. You can use real or silk flowers for this display, but remember silk is much more affordable. Make sure to purchase a bundle of raffia grass ribbon and water gel, before you actually get started putting your fishbowl centerpiece together.

Pour the water gel and tap water into an extremely large bowl and give it enough time to form a thin consistency. You may need to add more water, so that you achieve the same gauntness, as water. Once you have achieved the precise consistency fill the bowl ¾ ways full. Cut four blooms off of their stems and place them on top of the water gel. Unroll some of the green raffia grass ribbon and cut it in extremely long strands, where you can easily wrap it around the fish bowl 4-5 times. You want the grass to look like it had grown around the bowl and not placed there. Use a dab of clear glue to keep the grass secured to the bowl, but avoid using an extremely large dab, because you do not want your guests to see it.

You can substitute the flower blooms for floating candles, if you prefer to use the centerpiece, as mood lighting.


At the end of the day, there are thousands of different DIY wedding centerpieces. With so many different ones to select from, it can be a little difficult to find the one that fits perfectly into your wedding. Scouring around and considering your wedding’s theme and color scheme will help. Ultimately, it will come down to your own personal preferences and desires.